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Over 130 Years Of Combined Experience Getting Results In DUI cases

If you face charges of driving under the influence (DUI), we have the experience to make a difference in your case. We are True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, a law firm serving the Frankfort and Frankfort County region by providing high-quality criminal defense services.

To us, one thing matters: results. We are driven to deliver the results that minimize the impact of DUI charges on your future.

What Are The Penalties For A DUI Conviction in Kentucky?

Kentucky takes drunk driving charges very seriously. Although DUIs are fairly common, you should not underestimate the severity that the consequences can have on your life if you are convicted. In our state, the criminal penalties can include:

  • Fines of $200 to $1,000
  • Jail time of 48 hours to 12 months
  • Ninety days to one year of treatment
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

The severity of a punishment increases with each subsequent charge. If you have one or more previous DUI convictions, it is crucial that you have our criminal defense lawyers on your side to minimize the damage.

We Take DUIs To Trial

With our skill in negotiation and the relationship we have developed with various District Attorneys’ offices, we often secure favorable plea bargains for our clients. Our attorneys are also trial-tested litigators who have defended clients before courts throughout Kentucky. If litigating your DUI case has the best likelihood of keeping your future clear, we will aggressively and thoroughly represent you at trial.

Act Swiftly To Get A Strong Criminal Defense

Do not hesitate – time is of the essence in DUI cases. The longer you wait to hire a DUI attorney, the more evidence the state can gather against you. Contact True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, at 502-783-7662, send us an email, or stop by our Frankfort County office to schedule a free initial consultation for your DUI defense.