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Experienced Frankfort Contract Dispute Attorney

When you enter into a business contract with another party and they fail to keep up their end of the deal, you will have a contract dispute on your hands. Getting guidance from a skilled Frankfort contract dispute attorney can help determine the best approach to resolving the issue effectively.

With over 130 years of combined experience, the team at True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, guides clients through complex contract disputes in Franklin, Anderson, Shelby and Owen counties and across Frankfort, Kentucky. We focus on providing client-focused solutions that prioritize your business interests and aim for swift and fair resolution of disputes, making sure your rights and investments are protected.

What Do I Need To Prove For A Successful Breach Of Contract Claim?

If you intend to pursue a breach of contract claim, you will need to prove the following elements:

  • Existence of a valid contract
  • Performance by the plaintiff
  • Evidence of breach
  • Damages
  • Causation

A skilled True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, lawyer will guide you through the process of compiling the necessary evidence, filing your claim.

What Types Of Damages May Be Available In A Breach Of Contract Case?

Once a breach of contract has been successfully proven, the following types of damages may be available:

  • Liquidated damages: These are meant to compensate for specific foreseeable losses agreed upon in the contract in case of breach.
  • Rescission: The contract may be rescinded, returning both parties to their pre-contractual positions.
  • Compensatory damages: This type of damages may be awarded to cover actual losses and expenses incurred as a result of the breach.
  • Injunction: This may be ordered to prevent further breaches of contract or to enforce specific performance of the contract terms.
  • Specific performance: The breaching party may be compelled by the court to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the contract.

With an experienced attorney from True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, your best interests will be at the forefront and you will be involved in the process from start to resolution.

When A Contract Is Broken, We Can Help

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