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Tips: Telling the extended family about the divorce

It is difficult enough for spouses to decide that their marriage is over and that it is time to pursue a divorce. However, what about when spouses must tell their respective families about the divorce?

Extended families, including siblings, parents and even grandparents, can get extremely invested in the relationships of their loved ones. This can make telling these family members about the divorce stressful for both spouses.

A serious car accident could lead to a dislocated shoulder

Dislocating a shoulder may be an injury that people have heard of but have not thought much about. They may have known someone when they were younger who dislocated a shoulder while playing football or another sport and not considered it a serious injury. After all, a coach or someone else may have popped it back into place.

Unfortunately for you, you suffered a dislocated shoulder in a more traumatic way. You experienced the intense pain of this injury after being involved in a serious car accident. Because it happened in such a traumatic way, simply popping the bone back into the joint may not have been a feasible option for your treatment. Plus, trying to reposition a bone without the proper medical know-how could easily cause more damage.

How do you get a suspended license reinstated?

Driving becomes such an integral part of life that many people forget – driving is a privilege, not a right.

That is why several criminal and administrative charges could lead to a suspended license in Kentucky. Individuals facing DUI charges, too many traffic offenses, reckless driving charges or vehicular felony charges could face significant penalties, including license suspension.

Three symptoms to watch out for after a crash

The jarring violence of a car crash can do a considerable amount of damage to the human body. In just seconds, a traumatic crash can leave individuals with serious injuries. That is why it is so important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.

Even so, some symptoms and injuries might not appear until later after the accident. So, it is critical that loved ones or individuals involved in a collision lookout for the symptoms of serious injuries in the time following a crash as well.

DUIs pose a greater risk to commercial drivers

There are more than 3.5 million people in the United States who drive for a living. They include commercial truck drivers who transport goods across the country or bus drivers who make sure children get to and from school every day.

Naturally, these jobs involve strict regulations for driving safely. That is why individuals who operate commercial vehicles must be aware that they could face harsher penalties than other drivers if they are charged with a DUI.

Kentucky at odds over employee arbitration agreements

The relationship between an employee, employer and the company can be a complicated one. That is why employees must understand what rights they have under state and federal laws to ensure that employers do not treat them unfairly.

That is also why employees must know what options they have to resolve any employment issues they face. However, a recent law regarding arbitration agreements has some Kentucky employees worried.

What will you find in a DUI police report?

Getting pulled over by the police is an incredibly stressful ordeal. After all, it is during this traffic stop that police collect the evidence used against individuals in a DUI case.

That is why the police report is one of the key documents in a DUI case. But many people facing DUI charges might wonder: what exactly is in this report?

There are different types of distracted driving

There is no doubt that distracted driving is an epidemic. Roughly 1,000 traffic accidents each day occur as a result of a driver getting distracted behind the wheel.

Distracted driving is a serious problem, but not many people know that there are different types of distracted driving to avoid.

What is a pretrial diversion program?

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming in and of itself, and even thinking about a trial that puts one's future at risk could create even more stress. Many people facing criminal charges might think that going to trial is the only way to try and fight the criminal charges and keep their record clear.

However, a pretrial diversion program might be able to benefit some individuals and help them avoid a criminal conviction altogether.

Parallel parenting can help in high-conflict situations

Maintaining a relationship with an ex-spouse after a divorce can be difficult. However, it is often necessary when spouses have children.

It is natural for ex-spouses to feel bitter or resentful after a divorce. So, how can they parent their children together if they have trouble getting along?

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