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Domestic Violence Claims: What You Need To Know

Domestic violence cases require a knowledgeable, empathetic lawyer. At True Guarnieri Ayer, LLP, our attorneys have 130 years of combined experience helping clients in Frankfort and throughout Kentucky. You do not need to travel far to get the quality legal representation you deserve. Our team of attorneys is eager to help you navigate this situation and find a way to move forward. Together, we can put this part of your life in the past.

Representing Clients Dealing With Difficult Situations

Since our team has extensive experience handling complex criminal cases, we often represent those who are accused of domestic violence, a charge of threats of violence or the physical or sexual assault of a family member. A family member can be a grandparent, former spouse, child or stepchild. The charges also apply for unmarried couples who may share a child or live together. If convicted, these charges can result in jail time and harsh fines. We know what an impact these accusations can have on your family’s legal case, which is why we handle them with care and compassion.

We also assist victims of domestic abuse. People walk through our doors every day and confess that they are living in fear. While this can be a scary time, it is important to remember that you have options. Our firm can clearly outline the choices you are facing and help you decide the next steps you would like to take. We will be with you throughout this entire process, protecting your legal freedoms. Often, these claims overlap with divorce proceedings or child custody cases. We can see you through all of it and help you untangle this complicated web.

For The Support You Deserve, Call Today

When it comes to domestic violence charges, it is imperative that you seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. Our attorneys bring unique perspectives to every case and are committed to representing your best interests. To schedule a free consultation, call our office in Frankfort at 502-783-7662 or fill out our contact form online today. Several members of our team also are fluent in Spanish.