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Divorce may change a child’s options for education

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Family Law |

When two people who share children decide to get divorced, they may not realize just how it could impact their children’s futures. They may be focusing on emotional aspects, which are certainly important, but there are also more practical matters to consider. One set of questions will pertain to a child’s education, both where the child will attend and who will pay for any related expenses. Kentucky parents who are planning to divorce will want to be sure they have created a thorough plan for their child’s education.

Deciding where a child will attend school is often a point of contention between divorced parents. Though this usually comes up in discussions about university, it can also be a problem with younger kids whose parent may want them to attend private school. It may be best for children with any type of disability or special need. Some kids may already be well-adjusted to their private school and taking them out of it could have drawbacks. However, the cost of a private school can cause one parent to fight against this option, especially after a divorce.

The best course of action when this type of disagreement comes up is for both parents to try and work together to determine where their children will go to school and how to cover the costs. Some choose to have one parent cover all costs, but each paying a percentage might make more sense for some families. In all cases, parents should have these choices outlined as part of their divorce agreement to avoid future conflict. Even for a parent who doesn’t have a great deal of assets, provisions for a 529 college savings plan might be listed in the agreement.

If divorcing parents cannot come to an agreement about their children’s education, it may be best to involve legal professionals. A diligent attorney can ensure that a divorce agreement covers the many aspects of ending a marriage, not just children’s education. What is most important is that kids have a sense of security about their future even if their parents are no longer married.