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How can overloaded trucks cause fatal wrecks?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

The 49% nationwide increase in fatal truck wrecks over the last decade may not come as a surprise due to the massive dimensions of such vehicles. If a truck’s sheer size and weight are already pressing concerns, imagine the colossal impact of overloading them.

While the common risk factors of truck collisions include driver errors, poor road conditions and mechanical failures, trucking companies also tend to exceed their trucks’ allowable capacities to save on time and costs. However, severe injuries and deaths are likely when they violate state regulations.

Identifying the deadly dangers of overloaded trucks

Kentucky law establishes a 36,000-pound weight limit for all trucks, semitrailers, or truck and trailer units operating on highways. While this provision may have nuances, the state maintains that going beyond this baseline figure can have catastrophic outcomes.

  • Increased tire pressure can cause tire blowouts
  • Increased difficulty in controlling the truck’s steering, accelerating and stopping systems
  • Increased risk of rollover accidents due to disproportionate weight, which can escalate into a multi-vehicle pileup
  • Falling cargo can hit other vehicles or lead to secondary crashes when drivers try to avoid the hazard

The injured party may pursue a claim against the truck driver, and trucking and loading companies if they are aware of the overweight situation and still went ahead in transporting the goods. Pushing through despite the threats shows these parties may have failed to exercise reasonable care to keep the road safe.

Proving incurred damages

To recover physical and intangible damages, the victim must speak with their counsel to demonstrate how an overloaded truck led to their harm. Since multiple parties are involved, the process may be more complex than usual. While the victim focuses on healing, legal representation can fight for their rights by launching a thorough investigation to help them get back on their feet in no time.