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Blind spots can cause life-altering injuries to motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Blind spots are those tricky zones around a vehicle that the driver cannot see directly through mirrors. These blind spots can become particularly hazardous, especially for motorcycles.

In fact, around 41% of motorcycle crashes revolve around one alarming fact: Drivers simply fail to spot motorcycles on the road. This is because when a motorcycle enters a vehicle’s blind spot, it becomes virtually invisible to the driver. But although motorists may be already aware of that, accidents can still happen.

Common blind spots

Below are some of the common blind spots that can pose risks to riders:

  • Adjacent to larger vehicles: Riding alongside cars, trucks or buses can put motorist in their blind spot, especially on the right side.
  • Behind tall vehicles: When tailing a high-profile vehicle like an SUV or truck, a motorcycle might vanish from the driver’s view.
  • Close to a-pillars: The windshield pillars on both sides of a car can block the presence of a motorcycle when approaching an intersection.
  • Intersections: Cars making left turns might overlook an approaching motorcycle due to the smaller size.
  • Merging lanes: Vehicles changing lanes might miss seeing a motorcycle riding beside them.

Injuries from accidents due to blind spot

The invisible threat of vehicles failing to spot motorcycles is not just a concept – it is a serious danger that can lead to a range of painful and life-altering injuries. These accidents can leave riders facing a rocky road to recovery.

For example, when a car suddenly veers into a motorcycle’s path, riders often find themselves involuntarily parting ways with their bikes. This abrupt separation can lead to bone fractures. Worse, riders might experience traumatic spinal cord or brain injuries that can alter the way they live after the accident. A seemingly minor collision can create a cascade of internal injuries that may not surface immediately, but it may require intricate medical intervention for the rest of their lives.

Where can an injured motorist find help?

If you were injured due to a motorcycle accident, you may seek compensation and redress for damages. However, legal aid may be a crucial resource if you wish to file a claim.

Consider seeking guidance from a personal injury attorney. They can help you with the process of filing claims against at-fault parties. These can assess the circumstances, gather evidence and negotiate with insurers or legal representatives.