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Life after a DUI conviction in Kentucky: How KIIP works

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

A driving under the influence conviction impacts multiple facets of your life, which include your source of income, reputation in the community, and personal or work relationships.

But the completion of Kentucky’s Ignition Interlock Program (KIIP) may help you reclaim your driver’s license sooner than you think. At the core of the program is the installation of an ignition interlock device that connects to the vehicle’s ignition system. The vehicle neither starts nor operates if the driver’s breath alcohol concentration goes over a 0.02 measurement.

If you are a willing participant in the program, you may be back on the road in no time.

What constitutes KIIP?

In 2020, the passing of Senate Bill 85 led to law changes regarding the state’s ignition interlock program. Under the updated program:

  • Instead of applying in court, applicants must now coordinate directly with the program’s new monitoring authority, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
  • All drunk driving offenders, even previously denied first offenders, may access the program.
  • Approved applicants are eligible for a possible reduced period in their license suspension.
  • All applicants must comply with sober driving, free from violations, for 90 to 120 consecutive days to be eligible for a reduced license suspension period.

Violations during the given time could cause you to start the process again. Such violations may include failure to report for maintenance and monitoring as scheduled, failure to pay required fees, deliberate tampering with the installed device and intentional manipulation of the individual shown on the device’s camera providing a breath sample.

Depending on the circumstances of your offense and your strict commitment to the rules, the time of your license suspension may reduce. It may reduce from six to four months for first offenders, from 18 to 12 months for second offenders, from 36 to 18 months for third offenders and from 60 to 30 months for fourth offenders.

Driving again, but responsibly this time

If you become removed from the program due to any violation, more severe legal burdens that only waste your time and resources may apply. Soon, you may discover how you have thrown away your chance at returning to the road. To help keep you compliant with the program’s requirements, a legal team can guide you in responsibly getting back behind the wheel.