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When can I request to terminate my probation early?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Probation is an alternative penalty for certain crimes after the court deems the offender is not a threat to society. It could provide more liberties than imprisonment, but individuals under probation could still encounter everyday life restrictions.

Being under probation could keep you from seeking better work or housing opportunities outside the state. However, completing a portion of your probation period could make you eligible to request early termination.

You could send in a request accordingly after meeting the following conditions:

  • Your attorney could petition your early termination in court after a minimum of one-year probation.
  • Your designated probation officer could send through your request after completing half of your probation sentence.

However, the court exempts specific cases from this opportunity. Early termination does not apply to serious felony convictions. The court would also consider the offender’s criminal record to determine if it is appropriate to end the probation.

Compliance is a significant factor for early termination

Complying with your legal obligations during probation can increase your chances of early termination. Aside from keeping up with court-ordered payments, the court will also examine how well you followed your probation regulations.

Your probation officer will provide these details to the court during the process. Still, other factors could contribute to the court’s decision, depending on the details of your conviction and criminal history.

If the probation officer has reason to believe you are not eligible for early termination, they could take action to override your request. They might consider specific factors, including your prior offense, risk assessment, pending charges and any court orders in effect against you.

The decision to grant early termination might undergo various stages of review based on your case details. Still, you need to initiate a request first to begin the process.