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Kentucky football player charged with DUI, careless driving

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

A star player on the University of Kentucky’s football team’s recent arrest on drinking and driving charges shows what police look for when pulling over and investigating, both here in Frankfort and across the state.

Pulled over by campus police

According to the Associated Press, Chris Rodriguez, who plays running back for UK, was pulled over by campus police on May 8. The arresting officer claims they observed Rodriguez’s vehicle “not maintaining its designated operating lane,” and that the vehicle’s taillights were not on. Mechanical issues and a vehicle that is weaving out of its lane are generally enough for the police to say they had enough of a reasonable suspicion of DUI to legally pull over the driver.

During the traffic stop, Rodriguez allegedly slurred his words, and the officer said they smelled “an odor of alcoholic beverages” from inside his vehicle. These are both common reasons the police give as contributing to probable cause for an arrest. Interestingly, the AP story does not mention if the officer had Rodriguez undergo a breath test at the scene, though it seems likely that they did. Rodriguez has been charged with DUI, careless driving and driving without tail lamps.

UK ‘aware of the incident’

A spokesperson for UK Athletics said the department was “aware of the incident.” It remains to be seen if Rodriguez, who led the Wildcats in rushing last season, will face punishment from the football team in addition to any legal penalties he would face if convicted. Less-famous college students can also get in serious trouble at school after a DUI arrest. They might even face expulsion.

If your college student son or daughter has been charged with DUI, a strong defense might help them get their license back, as well as stay in school.