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Is staying married for the kids the healthiest decision?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Family Law |

There are a multitude of circumstances in life in which married couples might experience a rift in their relationships and begin to wonder if it might be time to take separate paths. Individuals in Kentucky may also find that certain factors might even influence their decisions about divorce, especially if there are kids involved. Some parents might wonder if staying married for the kids is the healthiest path and there may be numerous factors to consider when preparing to make informed choices about one’s situation.

Factors to consider

It may be understandable for parents to feel that staying together might prove beneficial to the kids in various ways. It might seem that a similar arrangement could provide them with a sense of stability and help them avoid the idea of having to go through the changes a divorce might bring. However, such an arrangement might not prove healthy in every scenario, as there may be various potential challenges involved.

Couples who attempt to stay in unhappy relationships may be more inclined to argue or exhibit distant behaviors, and studies indicate that kids can pick up on similar behaviors. Those who feel it best to wait until a child is older may also find that divorce might be a difficult thing to cope with regardless of age. Parents who wish to provide their children with stability may also find that a coparenting arrangement could still help achieve this goal, even if it takes the kids time to adjust to their new situation.

Dissolving a marriage

Even if it might be a difficult thing to accept, sometimes divorce may be the healthiest path for everyone involved. Parents in Kentucky who wish to better understand their options and seek insight in covering every essential aspect involved could benefit from consulting with an attorney prior to choosing a path. A family law attorney can address a client’s concerns, provide insight in making informed choices about the situation and assist in preparing to pursue the best outcome achievable regarding the future of his or kids.