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The hazards of driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which drivers in Kentucky or elsewhere may begin to struggle with drowsiness or fatigue while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Drivers who succumb to fatigue might not be capable of safely operating a motor vehicle, but that might not always stop them from continuing toward their destinations. Driver fatigue continues to be a contributing factor in many car accidents and knowing some of the hazards involved with driving while fatigued could help reduce the risks of similar safety concerns. 

Possible effects of fatigue 

Studies suggest that fatigue can affect one’s ability to safely operate a vehicle in numerous ways. Those who drive while fatigued may struggle with focus and combining fatigue with distraction could prove a dangerous mix. Fatigue can also disrupt one’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills and similar issues could take a significant toll on one’s driving capabilities. 

Fatigued drivers may also struggle to maintain lane control and constantly drifting in and out of lanes of traffic could prove dangerous under any circumstance. Similar issues may also affect one’s ability to maintain proper speed or judge distances, which may be vital components to safe driving. Studies also indicate that fatigue drivers may struggle to make judgment calls or with response times and similar issues may only act to increase the risks a collision might occur. 

Fatigued drivers 

Individuals in Kentucky who cross paths with a fatigued driver might not always have sufficient time to steer clear of harm’s way and car accidents involving such negligence can have devastating results. Those who suffer serious injuries in such incidents may suffer a lesser quality of life or struggle with the possible financial repercussions involved. Following such an incident, a person in Kentucky could choose to consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance on all his or her available options and assistance in preparing to navigate the civil justice system.