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Mitigating the potential impacts of a drunk driving charge

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A criminal conviction will have a significant impact on your life. If charged with drunk driving, you could face penalties that may include time behind bars, loss of driving privileges and more. After an arrest, you would be wise to take immediate action to determine the ideal strategy by which you can confront the charges. The right defense strategy will allow you to possibly mitigate the penalties or avoid a conviction altogether.

A careful evaluation of your entire case will allow you to determine the most appropriate way forward. Even if it is a first-time offense, the potential consequences you are facing are serious, and the impacts could affect everything from your career to your finances. It is important to take quick action to identify the most appropriate defense according to the individual details of your case.

Common defense strategies

The best way to fight a DUI or DWI charge in Kentucky depends on certain factors that are specific to your situation, such as your criminal record, nature of the traffic stop, blood alcohol content at the time of the stop and more. Common issues defendants may use as part of a defense include:

  • There were issues with the Breathalyzer device or the administration of the test.
  • There were problems with the chain of custody of a blood or urine sample.
  • The initial traffic stop was improper.
  • You experienced a violation of your rights while interacting with law enforcement.
  • There was a problem with how law enforcement administered field sobriety tests.

If there are issues with any aspect of the prosecution’s case, you may challenge it. A violation of proper procedure or your rights could affect the validity of the evidence against you. A careful look at the entire case, starting with your traffic stop, could reveal potential problems you may use as part of your defense.

Your future interests

When developing your defense strategy, protecting your future interests is the ultimate goal. A defense of your rights is critical, but it is also important to make choices that are most practical for your long-term needs and objectives. Even with a complex case or previous DUI or DWI convictions on your record, the right defense strategy allows you to fight for the most beneficial outcome to your situation.