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Woman files personal injury claim after falling on ice

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Property and business owners in the state of Kentucky are responsible for the safety of any person who lawfully visits their premises. The best way to avoid accidents and injuries to these visitors is to make sure that all walkways are free and clear of hazards, as well as properly maintained. Obviously, wet or slick floors can be dangerous, but some hazards may not be so noticeable. Things like poorly lighted walkways or small tools left lying on the floor can also cause personal injury to visitors and customers.

Slip and fall

Recently, a woman in another state took legal action after she allegedly slipped and fell on ice at an apartment complex. The woman said she was visiting a friend who lived at the apartment complex and, upon leaving, encountered an ice-covered walkway. According to claims, the woman slipped on the ice and fell, suffering serious injuries.

Lawsuit filed

Allegedly, the fall caused the woman to fracture her dominant arm. She claimed that she was unable to work for several weeks and was forced to rely on others for help with her daily activities. The woman filed a lawsuit against the owners of the apartment complex over allegations that they were negligent and responsible for her injuries.

It is impossible to predict when and where an accident will happen. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured every year on public property as the result of dangerous conditions. Those in Kentucky who suffer personal injury because of the negligence of another party reserve the right to contact a skilled litigator and take legal action. A successful claim could result in a substantial monetary award to help victims recover from such a traumatic experience.