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Helping children cope with the effects of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Family Law |

When parents separate, there can be consequences for their children. Their entire world has been turned upside down, and understandably, many children find it challenging to cope with the situation. Some children blame themselves for the parental divorce. Some children may even develop anger or resentment for their parents. For parents in Kentucky who are going through a divorce, here are a few ways they can help their children cope with this experience.

Extra attention

Kids will have different ways of dealing with the divorce of their parents. They may develop behavioral issues or begin to have problems in school. Pay extra attention to children during this time, especially teens. Talk with them and monitor them closely to become aware of potential negative effects.


It may be difficult for some parents to be amicable amid divorce. However, parents should keep in mind that the children are the top priority. It is best for the children if parents keep a healthy and amicable co-parenting relationship with the ex-spouse. Although living arrangements may be different, it will be easier for children to adjust to the situation when both parents are still involved in their lives.


When parents divorce, children sometimes blame themselves and may fear that their parents do not love them any longer. Remind children that the divorce was solely the decision of the parents. Parents can help by reassuring children that nothing will change their love for the children.

A divorce is tough on all parties involved. However, parents should always remember to keep the well-being of their children as the top priority. For parents in Kentucky who have questions about divorce or any aspect of family law, a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney can provide the answers and guidance needed to help parents through this challenging experience.