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Why Kentucky motorcyclists face elevated roadway concerns

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Personal Injury |

It’s obvious, of course. Motorcyclists in Kentucky and nationally deal with some outsized risks when behind the wheel that other motorists just don’t appreciate.

Or even remotely comprehend.

Candidly, how can a driver in a four-wheel passenger vehicle with no biking experience understand what it feels like for a motorcyclist suddenly impacted by an 18-wheel commercial rig making a sudden no-signal lane change? How many drivers in SUVs appreciate what it feels like for a motorcyclist being tailgated or denied full use of a traffic lane?

The bottom line: Motorcycling is a distinct driving realm marked by unique challenges and corresponding risks. Relevant accident statistics readily bear that out.

Revealing findings from a report on KY motorcycle crash facts

Here’s some immediately eye-opening Kentucky-tied data for persons inclined to think that motorcycle safety concerns might be a bit overstated. The following information comes courtesy of the Kentucky State Police, via findings relevant to 2018:

  • Stunning overrepresentation of adverse biking outcomes relative to other motoring demographics (the KSP noting that “motorcyclists represented 7% of the vehicles in fatal collisions, but less than 1% of vehicles in all collisions”)
  • Nearly 1,500 crashes statewide involving bikers and their passengers
  • 88 motorcycle rider/passenger deaths
  • Broad-based negligent behaviors of other drivers serving as primary crash catalysts

Factors literally driving motorcycle crashes: many and varied

It is certainly true that careless driving behaviors of bikers sometimes contribute directly to accidents and injury outcomes.

What comes across as far more apparent, though, are cited crash causes reported by the KSP that directly spotlight negligent behind-the-wheel conduct of drivers in other vehicles. The 2018 report underscores accident-inducing behaviors like these:

  • Drunk and/or drug-impaired driving
  • Talking and texting on cellphones
  • reckless driving (speeding, tailgating, lane weaving, improper passing and more)
  • driver fatigue and actual dozing off while in traffic
  • failure to yield or stop
  • failure to use signals

Any of those bulleted behaviors alone can yield a suddenly catastrophic or fatal outcome for a motorcyclist or bike passenger.

Taking responsive action in the wake of a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle crash injury victims often have a number of health, financial and additional concerns. Indeed, their lives – and often those of family loved ones – are flatly upended by the negligence of other drivers.

In addition to those concerns, though, they also have strong legal rights they can pursue to secure a meaningful remedy and maximum compensation for their injuries. An experienced personal injury legal team can provide further information.