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Information about driver’s license suspension in Kentucky

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Administrative Law |

For many people, having a driver’s license is necessary to get to work and run the errands they need to get done. Learning that your license is in danger of being suspended can be a harrowing experience. 

Kentucky has a point system for driver’s licenses that assigns a specific number of points to certain violations. Some violations, such as drunk driving or refusing a chemical test, can result in a driver’s license suspension. Others, such as failing to yield to an emergency vehicle or reckless driving, incur points that can quickly add up. 

When will points lead to a suspension?

A person who has 12 points in a 2-year period will likely have their license suspended. Drivers who are under 18-years-old old are only allowed seven points in a 2-year period. Points start to accrue when there is a conviction, not when a law enforcement officer issues a citation. 

Some violations, including racing, attempting to elude a law enforcement officer and driving at least 26 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, may result in a hearing to determine the status of your license. A suspension is a possible outcome if a judge or jury convicts you of these offenses, even if you haven’t lost points on your driver’s license before.

You should consult an attorney to learn what options you have if you’re facing a driver’s license suspension. The administrative process is sometimes challenging, and it comes with stringent deadlines. An attorney who’s familiar with handling suspension cases can help you explore your legal options so that you can determine how to proceed in your case.