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Texting and driving leads to accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Smartphones play an integral role in most people’s daytoday lives. However, there are times when it is not appropriate to have a phone in one’s hand — like when driving. This does not stop a lot of drivers in Kentucky from texting and driving anyway. 

Texting drivers are everywhere 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — NHTSA — reports that approximately 660,000 drivers use their smartphones while driving at any given moment during the day. That is a lot of drivers who are focused on texting, calling or watching a video instead of looking at the road. In fact, teenagers who use their phones behind the wheel spend about 10% of driving time at least partially outside of their traffic lanes. 

Texting causes accidents 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it takes an average of 5 seconds for a driver to read a text message. If that does not seem like a lot, it is important to consider that drivers who text are six times as likely to cause an accident than those who drink and drive. Other than hitting another car or a pedestrian, other accidentrelated activities associated with texting and driving include: 

  • Colliding with poles, signs and trees 
  • Leaving the roadway 
  • Driving on the curb 

Distracted drivers can be deadly, so victims who have survived texting and driving accidents might feel lucky. Unfortunately, there is often a long road to recovery associated with these types of accidents. Victims in Kentucky frequently struggle with long term pain and suffering, lost income and medical bills. Addressing these damages can be difficult, but some victims find that successfully navigating a personal injury claim can provide much needed help.