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2 arrested for multiple drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

It often seems easy to judge someone who has been convicted of a crime, especially one related to drugs or alcohol. However, the reasons that someone may face drug charges are complicated and severe punishment may only make any problems worse. The recent arrest of two people here in Kentucky on numerous drug charges after a traffic stop could be an excellent example of why competent criminal defense could offer someone a second chance.

A simple traffic stop becomes much more

Authorities say that the recent arrest happened early one weekend morning. A police officer claims to have witnessed a car driving with a rear license plate that was not properly illuminated, prompting the officer to pull the car over. The officer says that upon doing so, the driver apparently did not have a driver’s license with him and that the vehicle contained drug paraphernalia in plain sight on the back floorboard. When officers searched the vehicle, they allegedly found heroin, methamphetamine and more drug paraphernalia.

Officers administered a field sobriety test and report that their results indicated the driver was under the influence. A passenger in the vehicle also allegedly had drugs on her person and appeared to be inebriated as well. Both were arrested and now face multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance and buying or possessing drug paraphernalia. The driver has also been charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Presumed innocent unless proven guilty

Even if an accused person appears to be guilty, he or she is still entitled to criminal defense against any charges. Both of the people in this case will have the right to defend themselves in Kentucky court, though those in a similar situation may want to consider their legal options. It may make sense to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney with the aim of reducing or even dismissing the charges so an accused person can get on with life.