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Fatal car accident still under police investigation

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

A fatal motor vehicle crash can change lives in an instant — not only for the victim, but also the lives of those who cared for that person. When a car accident occurs because of a driver’s carelessness, the death may seem even more tragic. This is what Kentucky police are working to determine, in their investigation of a crash that took one life that may have been due to negligent driving.

A crash without a clear cause

The crash happened on a recent early weekday on a local highway. Authorities say that a man driving an SUV attempted to turn left from a local roadway onto the highway. They report that his vehicle struck a sedan driving south through the intersection. Sadly, the driver of the sedan died at the scene of the crash.

The condition of the driver of the SUV is unclear, though his passenger had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, the passenger’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Police are still investigating exactly what happened, and they had to close the road for a period of time to gather evidence and clear the scene. They have not announced whether they intend to charge the driver of the SUV with any crime.

Was there negligence?

No matter what the police determine regarding this car accident, the family of the driver who died may have another avenue for legal recourse. They could choose to file a wrongful death claim against the SUV driver and/or any other parties deemed responsible. A successful civil claim could result in the payment of monetary damages to the deceased person’s loved ones. This is an option that may be available to any Kentucky family, which an experienced personal injury attorney can help them determine.