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Winter weather increases risk of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Personal Injury |

This time of year often means snow and ice in many areas of the country, and Kentucky is no different. Law enforcement often has its hands full during the winter, as they work the scenes of motor vehicle crashes due to slick roadways. Many of those incidents may prove fatal, especially those that involve large commercial vehicles. However, just because inclement weather can make driving conditions more dangerous, truck drivers can still take precautions to prevent truck accidents. State and local police are working to determine exactly what happened in two recent crashes involving large trucks and whether either truck driver may be to blame for what occurred.

Officials say that both collisions took place on Interstate 75, in the northbound lanes, approximately 14 miles apart and on the same morning. Both incidents involved tractor trailers that reportedly lost control and skidded into passenger vehicles. The drivers in both vehicles died as a result of their respective crashes on scene. The truck drivers were both uninjured.

Though police admit that weather and icy roads likely contributed to these crashes and others, there are ways for vehicles to prevent accidents in these conditions. Large trucks, especially, should take care to reduce their speeds and increase following distance between vehicles. By doing so, even if a collision occurs, it can reduce the likelihood that people will lose their lives as a result.

Failure to account for road conditions can have disastrous consequences for unlucky victims. Truck accidents are often avoidable if both truck drivers and trucking companies strive to put safety first. Those who have lost loved ones to this type of tragedy may want to file a wrongful death claim against any responsible parties. An attorney can help a Kentucky family determine whether this is the right choice for them.