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Parenting workshop for fathers may help with child custody

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Family Law |

Although times are changing, society still generally accepts that mothers do the bulk of the childcare work. However, many Kentucky fathers are both capable and willing to take on this task.

For divorcing parents, some fathers may have a strong desire to care for their children but feel as though they do not have the knowledge or experience that the mother of their children might have. This can be particularly important in cases of child custody, when the person who has been the primary caregiver may be given more custody time.

Enhancing your parenting abilities

One out-of-state program wants to help fathers feel more at ease caring for their children and even strengthen the abilities of dads who are already providing care.

The program was developed by the county’s children services department in collaboration with a man who is a former inmate. Fathers participate in a free workshop taking place over eight sessions meant to educate and give them confidence in their parenting abilities. It covers numerous topics, including legal issues such as child support and interpersonal skills they can use in parenting their kids.

The men who complete the program overwhelmingly report that it is worthwhile. One man even said every father, married or not, should participate. Though it tends to target men who are formerly incarcerated, it is meant for all dads who want to improve their parenting skills.

As wonderful as a program like this can be, not every state or county offers something of this nature. Matters of child custody can be difficult to manage, especially if the relationship between the two parents is contentious.

It may be best for everyone involved to work with a family law attorney. An experienced attorney here in Kentucky can ensure that parents’ needs are considered right alongside what is best for their children.