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How do you get a suspended license reinstated?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Driving becomes such an integral part of life that many people forget – driving is a privilege, not a right.

That is why several criminal and administrative charges could lead to a suspended license in Kentucky. Individuals facing DUI charges, too many traffic offenses, reckless driving charges or vehicular felony charges could face significant penalties, including license suspension.

This might seem like one of the lesser penalties, but many people depend on their driver’s license and vehicle to get to work, buy groceries and provide for their families.

So, what are the steps to reinstate a suspended license?

A suspended license can be an inconvenient obstacle for many people. However, there are steps that individuals can take to recover their license and their driving privileges.

Individuals must:

  1. Fulfill the requirements of the suspension period, which can last between 30 days and five years, depending on the offense;
  2. Attend an alcohol education program, if individuals were charged with a DUI;
  3. Pay a $40 reinstatement fee in a check to the Kentucky State Treasurer; and
  4. Apply for license renewal.

In some cases, some drivers might still face a probation period when they retain their license again. During the probation period, they must ensure they avoid any traffic offenses or risks of criminal charges.

Do not drive on a suspended license

Taking these steps to reinstate a suspended license may sound tedious, but they are critical. After all, driving on a suspended license is a serious risk. It could lead individuals to face even more penalties, including:

  • Time in jail between 90 days and one year;
  • Additional time added to the suspension period;
  • The revocation of a suspended license; and
  • Higher insurance rates.

If Kentucky police catch someone driving on a suspended license, the individual will likely have even more difficulties reinstating their driving privileges and getting their life back on track.

An important note: It is always possible to challenge a license suspension and fight criminal and administrative charges before penalties take effect. That is why it is important to consult an experienced attorney in these circumstances.