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A serious car accident could lead to a dislocated shoulder

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Firm News |

Dislocating a shoulder may be an injury that people have heard of but have not thought much about. They may have known someone when they were younger who dislocated a shoulder while playing football or another sport and not considered it a serious injury. After all, a coach or someone else may have popped it back into place.

Unfortunately for you, you suffered a dislocated shoulder in a more traumatic way. You experienced the intense pain of this injury after being involved in a serious car accident. Since it happened in such a traumatic way, simply popping the bone back into the joint may not have been a feasible option for your treatment. Plus, trying to reposition a bone without the proper medical know-how could easily cause more damage.

Additional injuries

A dislocated shoulder can have complications like many other injuries can. True, the dislocation means that the ball portion of your shoulder popped out of the cup-shaped socket, but just popping it back into place is not always the simple solution. In fact, your injury may have included torn tendons, ligaments or muscles as well as damaged blood vessels, damaged nerves or other serious consequences.

As you likely already know, soft tissue tears and nerve damage do not have simple solutions. In fact, your injuries may have presented the need to undergo surgical procedures to address the harm you suffered. As a result, you will not only need to recover from your injury but also from the surgery itself.

Lack of movement

In many cases, a dislocated shoulder leads to an inability to move it. Even after a doctor has treated the injury, you may still be required to keep it immobile for a set period of time as the injury heals. This time of immobilization may be longer if you had to undergo surgery.

Not being able to move your arm can quickly become a nuisance. You may find yourself unable to perform numerous daily tasks without the help of someone else. You may even be unable to work until your injury heals.

Given that this type of injury can cause many setbacks, you may want to consider seeking compensation for the damages you experienced. Filing a personal injury claim in Kentucky against the driver considered at fault for the injury-causing crash could be in your interests.