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What will you find in a DUI police report?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Getting pulled over by the police is an incredibly stressful ordeal. After all, it is during this traffic stop that police collect the evidence used against individuals in a DUI case.

That is why the police report is one of the key documents in a DUI case. But many people facing DUI charges might wonder: what exactly is in this report?

What is in the police report?

The police report includes all of the findings from the traffic stop as well as the processing after a DUI arrest, such as:

  • Observations Kentucky police made during the traffic stop, such as the individual’s actions or appearance;
  • Reasons why the police pulled over the individual;
  • The results of the field sobriety test;
  • The result of the Breathalyzer; and
  • The results of any blood, urine or other chemical tests.

Individuals must understand what is in the police report, so they know the potential evidence they face when dealing with a DUI charge.

You can challenge the findings in the police report

However, it is also critical for individuals to understand the evidence in the police report to challenge it. The penalties of a DUI impact an individual’s future, relationships, opportunities and reputation. That is why challenging the evidence in the police report is an important step to protect one’s future.

Individuals often see the police report at the arraignment or the first court hearing. It can be shocking to read this report for the first time, but individuals must read it carefully. They must be on the lookout for any errors or mistakes, including:

  • Errors in the results of the many tests, especially the Breathalyzer;
  • Falsehoods in the police statements; and
  • Any issues with how police collected the evidence.

It often helps to consult an experienced attorney to review the police report and challenge the evidence included in the report.