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Understanding Kentucky’s driver point system

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

You may not think of traffic offenses as serious charges. Overall, a single traffic ticket will not have a large impact on your life.

However, traffic offenses can have significant penalties when they build up on someone’s driving record. Here is a quick overview of Kentucky’s driver point system, and its hidden dangers.

What is the driver point system?

The driver point system keeps track of each individual’s driving record in Kentucky. It is a system that law enforcement and administrative agencies use to determine who drives responsibly and who does not.

A wide range of traffic violations result in different points, including:

  • Three points: Texting behind the wheel, driving at least 11 mph over the speed limit, failing to yield or driving the wrong way
  • Four points: Driving recklessly, tailgating other drivers or not stopping for an emergency vehicle
  • Five points: Passing another vehicle improperly
  • Six points: Speeding excessively, not stopping or yielding to a school bus, a moving violation that led to an accident

There are no traffic points for driving under the influence, but the consequences for that violation are worse.

Traffic offenses can have unforeseen penalties

Traffic violations are some of the most common charges that individuals face. The driver point system might not seem like a significant concern, but it is dangerous for continuously reckless drivers who violate traffic laws.

If a driver earns 12 points on their record in two years, their license will be suspended. A suspended license can pose many challenges for individuals who work or attend school. And reinstating a suspended license is no easy task.

Kentuckians should take traffic offenses seriously

Many people overlook traffic tickets or moving violations because they do not often result in penalties as serious as jail time. However, accruing points on one’s driving record can cost more than people might think. Traffic offenses still violate the law, after all.

That is why it is critical for individuals to fight charges of traffic violations, no matter how small. Fighting these charges can help individuals protect their future and keep their record clean.