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Published Appellate Cases

Ragland v. Commonwealth, 191 S.W.3d 569 (Ky Supreme Court, 2006)

Murder Conviction reversed based upon admission of faulty ballistic evidence.

Jenkins v. Commonwealth, 308 S.W.3d 704 (Ky. Supreme Court 2010)

Felony conviction reversed due to trial court’s failure to admit expert testimony offered by defense.

Commonwealth v. Lundergan, 847 S.W.2d 729 (Ky. Supreme Court 1993)

Felony conviction of State Representative overturned based upon statute of limitations.

McKinney v. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Gov’t, 651 Fed. Appx. 449 (6th Circuit 2016)

District court judgment finding that Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government was not protected by sovereign immunity doctrine in wrongful death case affirmed on appeal.

Redmon v. Redmon, 823 S.W.2d 463 (Ky. Court of Appeals 1992)

Appellate court affirmed judgment awarding child support for mother and child against father claiming child support not owed while incarcerated.

Commonwealth Educ. & Humanities Cabinet Dep’t of Educ. V. Gobert, 979 S.W.2d 922 (Ky. Court of Appeals 1998)

Appellate Court affirmed trial court’s judgment vacating several state government hiring decisions for violating state law.